Welcome to the game! You live in the nation of Urbinia, a nation that is more than 3 million square miles of city. Some areas are heavily built up with folks considering the sky to be freaky or even a myth. Some areas are closer to large parks or manor houses (the Longbows and the Alesmiths both contend they have the largest property with each measuring roughly a square mile). This city-nation continues up mountains, into valleys, and over rivers. Underneath it is a surprisingly long-reaching Underland. It is here that the majority of the crops are grown (mainly varieties of Darkwheat and Whitecattle, with Continual Flame spells providing light for the more prized regular varieties) and where there is a substantial underclass.

There are thousands of subdivisions to the city. Whether they call themselves neighborhoods, districts, wards, towns, or something else, all are surrounded by their own walls and have their own way of doing things. This is fine by Lady Silverleaf, hereditary ruler of Urbinia, who only insists that all subdivisions pay their taxes and not bother her too much with petty squabbling. She is advised by the Council of Nine who are elected (with much political intriguing) to represent the interests of their various subdivisions and deal with the majority of the minor internecine issues.

You have all heard that Grinsworth, the gnomish owner of a chain of magical shops, is looking for a new crew of adventurers to travel and collect various knick-knacks and magical devices for him. The pay sounds right and he has told you that (as far as he's concerned), you can keep anything else you find on your travels so long as you're willing to deal with any legal troubles that might pop up from current/previous owners or the executors of their wills (translation: if you kill it you can take its stuff, but you gotta deal with its friends). 

You are all adventurers of some renown and probably local celebrities or heroes (at least in your home districts). The pay seems right and who can say no to the promise of being able to travel the land?

Hunting in Urbinia