Hunting in Urbinia

Setting Out

In which our heroes go on their first adventure

In 801, Grinsworth put out another call for adventurers to find magical artifacts for him to study and to meet at a chosen date at his shop in Highgarden. Three responded and arrived at the place and date indicated. One was Arden, self-styled Prince and sorcerer with a fey bloodline. One was Yoji, a monk from the eastern Border Provinces with a reputation for shady fighting styles. The third was Nix, cleric of Korada with her pony Bertle. 

Grinsworth greeted them, welcomed all three into his shop, 

Grinsworth greeting, introduction, mission, last known, teleport.

Arriving in Caffeld, checking library, checking University. Met Rasan Darkforge, professor who gave them directions to Da'Caffeld.

Went down, guards incredulous that anyone that obviously rich was going down voluntarily. 

Went down, locals kept away from bright light. Dimmed light when approaching town. Met innkeeper Gili Aleforge. Gave directions to Mayor ("We look like reading folk?")

Met Mayor, got directions to old battle site. Went out, dug around, found area where something had been moved. Talked to locals. Arden weirded them out, Nix pacified them. 

Found small patrol in area where kelpgrass was growing, defeated same.

Found hole about as far from anywhere as could be gotten. Yoji scouted, found closed door and some kind of cafeteria. Came back, got others.

Brawl in cafeteria. Yoji proceeded to kick ass. 

Nix took off down corridor, threw open closed door, found Brute dorm. Closed door, ran back to cafeteria. Brutes followed. Arden made one laugh like hell, both got slaughtered.

Checked out dorm, found tiny safe, probably there to be guarded by brutes, not used. Arden tried to open, set off alarm while doing it.

Everyone legged it down the corridor to the exit, met boss, two lieutenants, and an otyugh. Everyone fought, boss got away, heroes legged it after looting place. 



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