Urbinia is a land of more than 3 million square miles. Over the last 275 years, farmland, pasture, and forests have all been replaced by buildings until almost all original plants have been paved, constructed, or built over. Almost all food now comes from the Underland, a series of caverns some one hundred feet below the surface that spans nearly the entirety of Urbinia.

Urbinia is ruled by its hereditary ruler, Lady Silverleaf, and the Council of Nine who represent the nine Provinces of Urbinia. How the council members are elected is up to each Province. 

Urbinia has largely relaxed from the Underland War some two hundred years ago. Internicine warfare has sprung up recently, however, with some districts taking over their neighbors. Sometimes this is done monetarily, sometimes culturally, sometimes diplomatically, and sometimes this is even done at swordpoint. As long as it does not spread and threaten the stability of the Province or Urbinia, none of the Council members have protested. 

Urbinia is bounded on the north by the Theocracy of Gozreh, whom they have been at peace with for nearly seven hundred years. To the west lies the Sea of Storms, the Great Southern Ocean to the south (naturally), and the Rammage Ocean borders Urbinia to the east.

Culturally there has been a blending, but many races seem to prefer ancient enclaves. The Elves primarily live in the northwestern Provinces of Llane and Huala. Humans mainly live in the northeastern Provinces of Quintaire and Bretton. Halflings tend to live in the southwestern Province of Heygrove, while their cousins the Gnomes live not in provinces but in the arid Parchlands and Pewold Desert. Orcs have spread out from their original land grant to occupy the two southern provinces of Orgrak and the Khek Highveldt. Dwarves have primarily kept themselves to Tumunkunz, although there are plenty in the Barakunz Mountains to the southwest. The only place where there is a serious mingling of the species (and a startlingly high proportion of Half-elves and Half-orcs) is in the Border Provinces along the northern border.

The capital of Urbinia is Green Mountain which is a province unto itself and ultimately under the direct rule of the leader of Urbinia. 


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