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  • House Rules

    There are a handful of house rules that we will use. This list will be updated as necessary.

    • [[Tagged Skills]]
    • [[Skill Challenges]]
    • [[Taunt]]
    • [[Complications]]

    Any other house rules …

  • Tagged Skills

    A tagged skill is one that the character cannot critically fail, that is it can still go wrong, just not spectacularly so. When chosen, a tagged skill must be a class skill for the character. Each character received two tagged skills for free …

  • Skill Challenges

    Skill challenges are groups of skill checks with a common goal in mind that the entire party (or applicable members) participate in. Play will proceed in initiative order. Skill challenges will primarily be used to pass the time in place of more …

  • Taunt

    Taunt is a new combat maneuver I'm working on. Please note that this is a work in progress and will be subject to tweaking as time goes on. 

    The purpose of taunt is to force an enemy to focus on a character. Those of you familiar …

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