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    [[Urbinia]] is essentially one giant sprawling city hundreds of miles on a side. It is home to millions of people both on the surface and below in the [[Underland]]. Aside from immigration/emigration concerns, Urbinia pretty much leaves the rest …

  • House Rules

    There are a handful of house rules that we will use. This list will be updated as necessary.

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    • [[Taunt]]
    • [[Complications]]

    Any other house rules …

  • Orcs

    Orcs, and their half-orc relatives, tend to be on the taller side in Urbinia, with skin ranging in natural color from whiteish tan through grey. However, orcs that spend time in the sun tend to "tan" into greenish shades, some going …

  • Elves

    Elves in Urbinia are of short-average height and tend towards paler skin. Those who have been in the sun are often the color of old hardwood, however. Hair color is all natural kinds.

    Elves in Urbinia tend to be from the northwestern …

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