Taunt is a new combat maneuver I'm working on. Please note that this is a work in progress and will be subject to tweaking as time goes on. 

The purpose of taunt is to force an enemy to focus on a character. Those of you familiar with MMOs like WoW will recognize this. Hopefully this will allow melee characters to form a "front line" when guarding spellcasters (or anyone else). 

At its base, Taunt works like any combat maneuver. The attacker rolls CMB against their opponent's CMD. If it passes, they are perceived as enough of a threat to force attention onto them. The opponent's next turn must be spent either attacking them, moving out of reach, or otherwise dealing with them. The effect ends after one round.

Improved Taunt may be taken as a feat and allows the attacker to make a single attack (at full bonus) as part of the Taunt.

Greater Taunt may be taken as a feat and allows the attacker to make a full-round attack (at full bonus(es)) as part of the Taunt. The Taunt may also be split among as many enemies as the attacker has attacks. Each opponent passes or fails the Taunt independently.

What is special about the Taunt check is that in place of the Strength/Dexterity modifiers, attackers may use Strength or Dexterity based Intimidate bonuses. The opponent may resist with Wisdom or Intelligence based Sense Motive bonuses. 


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